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the faces behind call hr

Meet our team of specialist HR professionals who can help provide a tailor made solution for your business.
We offer a straightforward, people focused approach allowing us to become an extension of your business.

Sam Sales

managing director


Hi, I am Sam. I look after the HR side of the business. I have had 25 fun years of experience in Human Resources and business. I am a senior HR professional who has worked at HR Director level with extensive international experience and I have enjoyed every moment of it, working in different countries and emersing myself in the different cultures.

I have a proven track record of leading and developing HR teams and ensuring they are aligned with strategic organisation needs to deliver tangible benefits. I ‘get’ the fundamentals of HR and how it joins up with the rest of the organisation, HR never stands alone when I am involved!

I get told I am a respected leader and collaborator, with a flair for quickly identifying, clarifying and articulating organisation requirements. The reality is, I just really understand what the business is trying to achieve through an in-depth knowledge of the business and work out what needs to be done from a people perspective to make it happen. I fully understand the fundamentals of hr and I enjoy putting hr at the heart of the organisations business strategy. I am certainly not afraid to question.

The areas of hr which I have a particular strength are board level hr (UK and internationally), major international hr development and transformation, mergers and acquisitions, tupe, mediation, compensation & benefits, recruitment and team development.

I set up call hr because I could see that organisations that did not have an hr department, for whatever reason, were getting a standard, off the shelf hr service. I believe that every company is different, and the support they receive for their business and their people should be aligned to what they are trying to achieve. That is what we do at call hr.

We are different, we take our time to get to know your business, and the team and to really understand the history of your company and your aims and ambitions. This enables us to always deliver a service you need and one that makes a difference.

Outside of work, I am a keen runner, and can regularly be found running 10km, half marathon or marathons. When I am not running, I will be taking walks with my husband and not forgetting my golden retriever ‘Frodo’, or catching up on all the wonderful books I keep buying! When I can find time, I enjoy a trip to the theatre to enjoy musicals or a play.

Jo Lee

director of talent


Hi, I’m Jo, and I look after the talent search and profiling side of the call hr businesses. My talent sourcing career has spanned over the last 10 years and I have worked within both large corporates to smaller niche companies where I have benefitted from a broad level of experience and extensive and ongoing training and self-improvement.

I have a particular strength and expertise in sourcing senior level and board level roles where I support you in finding the right candidate for your key role. I pride myself in being candidate focused and thrive on building long term relationships.

I get told I have a natural style that puts candidates at ease and I really build the relationship to find out their strengths and motivations. I have the ability to match that to carefully defined roles. My candidates keep coming back to me when they are ready to find their next career move, which speaks volumes for the care I take of them. When working with companies on a key role, I don’t take the role at face value. I have a natural inquisitive way of really digging deeper and uncovering what is really needed and who will fit within that role. I am not afraid to push back and really stretch the boundaries of what exactly is required to find the right person first time.

The reason I wanted to work with Sam at call hr is to have the freedom and flexibility to work with exciting businesses at different stages of growth to help them take the next step by finding this right people. Each business needs a different service and that’s exactly what they get when they work with us. We provide a collaborative package for companies large and small.

Outside of work holidays, netball and my two dogs, Bertie and Henry, are my favorite things. Having lived abroad for 10 years I have a passion for exploring and experiencing new cultures and new adventures. My netball career has spanned over 15 years and I proudly play goal keeper in the Cambridgeshire League. I also wanted to give something back to netball as it’s been a key part of my social life at home and abroad, so I have been umpiring now for the past 3 years’ and continue to do so, which I love. Long dog walks with my husband in all weathers are part of my everyday life and I can’t image a home without our dogs (or my husband).

Victoria Cornwell

office whizz


Hi! I am Victoria and I am the Office Whizz at call hr – I keep everything running smoothly in the office and also look after our Marketing. I enjoy working within a passionate and ambitious team, and within my role I take pride in creating the best working environment possible for my colleagues to help them deliver a service that makes a difference.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my husband and children and I love to hop on a plane for a little weekend getaway around Europe to visit friends and explore.

My motto in life is “Change your thoughts and you change your world”. I am a true believer in positive thinking and I tell myself not to dwell on the negative and instead think happy thoughts.