Restructure, Redundancy & Tupe

Restructure, Redundancy & Tupe
our hr services
We know that these three words can be of concern to businesses and employees alike.
flexibly supporting you

We can support you navigate some of the complexities that Restructure, Redundancy and Tupe can create.

If you need strategic support or just some help with the letters, formal process and guidance for managers we can do any of that and anything in between. We really can ensure that your businesses reputation and staff morale and engagement remains intact during the process.

There is no need for Restructure, Redundancy or Tupe to be handled badly, especially if call hr are there to guide you through.

Our approach is to work with you throughout the activity and can include:

career development
cv support

for those who leave the organisation

restructure, redundancy & tupe

redundancy counselling & managing change

Going through redundancy and change is unsettling for everyone, and we can provide support for employees who are facing these issues:


Support for what next and future job roles, and job hunting guidance including getting your CV top notch and ready for your next role.


Change is unsettling and a fact of daily life. Not everyone copes well with change, and it can cause significant stress in our lives (home and work). We can provide support, guidance and training to help with coping with changing environments.