Psychometric Tools

Psychometric Tools
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We use the Emergenetics psychometric profiling tools for team and personal development and for recruitment, assessment centres, internal progression and promotion.
for individuals
gain greater self-awareness & value strengths
for teams
learn and understand those whom you work & interact with
for organisations
capitalise on a common language and build a collaborative workforce
latest generation psychometric profiling

Emergenetics represents the latest generation of psychometric profiling. It is proven to be more scientifically valid and analytically robust than older tools. Developed from a combination of psychology, social analytics and brain science, Emergenetics accurately identifies the thinking and behavioural preferences that have emerged from a person’s individual combination of life experiences and genetics.

Emergenetics reveals an additional dimension to personality profiling by separating behaviour from thinking preferences, thereby avoiding the tendency to make assumptions about behaviour based on thinking and eliminating the tendency to stereotype.

e = mb²

emergenetics =

merging of brains & behaviour

the picture of preferences

The resulting unique combination of each individual’s thinking and behavioural attributes offers a picture of preferences which is extremely powerful and different from other tools.

In recruitment, assessment centres and promotion our profiling tool enables us to tailor the profile to the role and identify what are the key motivators for a role to ensure a candidate is successful in the job. We can then assess candidates to establish their motivators against that of the job. This results in a greater match of candidate to role, and a higher probability of a candidate being successful. It can even be used to ensure any onboarding and induction activities are tailored.

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