talent search
We partner with you to fill your roles and we take a thorough approach to your recruitment.
interview effectively
360° perspective
understand expectations

our approach includes:

using a profiling tool to profile your shortlisted candidates

As well as providing you with questions to ensure you use your interview time effectively at an additional cost we can profile all candidates.

meeting all candidates

(Face to Face or via Skype) & doing an indepth interview with all candidates against your role profile.

getting a 360° perspective

Through talking to people who know the candidate (with their permission of course!) we can really get to know the candidates from a 360 perspective.

understanding expectations

Understand up-front what a candidate expects for their salary and benefits package. We know that you hate surprises, and we know that negotiating can really make the employment relationship start on the wrong foot.

assessment days

assessment centre design

We provide a complete range of Assessment Centre design and delivery services, from competency matric design through to assessor training, exercise design and the provision of psychometric testing.

Even if you have no prior experience of this most effective assessment method we can design and manage the whole process from scratch using either our own established procedures and assessment tools, or designing entirely new and highly organisationally relevant systems and exercises.

We do this for graduates through to the Senior Team and Board Members.

small business solution

talent search

call hr provides a fixed cost package for small businesses recruitment.
Our package provides you with:
guidance & support

to design a role description

advertising & sourcing

for your role

employment contract

& statement of particulars for the new employee

guidance & support

for the induction of the new employee

terms of business

call hr