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Good Deal recruitment ...  you can only tell if it was a good deal 6 – 12 months down the line. Here are some things to consider.

We know that recruitment / resourcing can be offered to you as a ‘good deal’.  You can only tell if it was a good deal 6 – 12 months down the line.  How can you tell if that good deal was worth it? 


Well ask yourself these questions:

- is the new employee still with you?

- is the new employee living up to your expectations?

- are you seeing that they have the capability to be with you over the longer term?

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Why take the chance …?

Using profiling tools as part of the attraction and selection process, rather than as an add on, certainly is a good deal!  Using a profiling tool can help you understand the motivators and capabilities of a candidate, and ensure they get up and running in your business quickly, and your induction process can support that. 


We use the latest profiling tool as an integrated approach to our recruitment – so not as an add on, and no worries about ‘good deal’ recruitment.  Our profiling tool is based on the latest neuro and behavioural science and will not only help you recruitment the right team member, it will also help your candidates (successful or not) get insightful feedback for their future.


More information, or if you want to chat about it, get in touch.  


Alternatively, if you really want to get ahead, join us for our Emergenetics Selection Programme Accreditation event.  More information available here.